Why Your Tire Pressure Monitoring Light is On, and What Needs to Be Done to Fix It

November 19th, 2020 by

It's really important that you take the advice that your vehicle is telling you when your tire pressure monitoring light comes on. An improper level of air pressure in your tires can lead to some pretty serious damage to your tires, so it's a good idea to heed the warning that you're given.

Low air pressure is a common occurrence, especially if you haven't filled your tires in a while. Check your owner's manual to see what air pressure level you should be filling your tires to. Too much air in your tires can occur if you've over-filled them. This isn't a good idea, as too much air pressure can lead to your tires blowing out when you drive.

If you've driven your vehicle a few miles after filling them to a proper level, have your tire pressure sensors checked for malfunction.


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