What is Happening with Your Exhaust System?

March 28th, 2020 by

A glance at the fuel gauge leads you to believe something is wrong. Your car usually gets better gas mileage. The problem could be something minor or something severe. It bears mentioning you don’t know what the issue is. The low gas mileage might even come from a leaking exhaust system.

Leaks in the exhaust manifold gasket do occur. Often, the stress created by the engine is the culprit. A mechanic can look for small leaks in the system. If they exist, a thorough inspection could uncover them.

The car’s driver might not know about leaks in the system, but he/she could pick up on some warning signs. Hissing and popping sounds from the tailpipe usually mean something’s up. Cars don’t wildly vibrate for no reason, either.

When you want your car checked out, contact someone in our service department. At Alfa Romeo of Minneapolis, we have a team ready to assist with maintenance requests.

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