What Are Brake Pads Tasked With Doing?

December 17th, 2020 by

Pressing down on a car's brake pedal slows the wheel and eventually stops them and the vehicle. How does this happen? Several parts work together, with the brake pads being the parts many drivers are familiar. Brake pads make themselves a bit more noticeable when suffering from problems, as the pads screech, grind, or make other noises when wearing out.

How do brake pads work, and what is their job? Brake pads create pressure and friction on the rotors. When the cylinder sends brake fluid to the calipers, the calipers put the brake pads to work.

Brake pad pressure and friction slow and stop the rotors, also known as brake discs. When rotors cease to move, so do the wheels. Overall, the many parts play a comprehensive role in allowing the brake system to do its collective job.

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