Types of Gaskets

August 26th, 2020 by

A gasket is essential in many ways, but for you to use a gasket and get the right result, you have to pick a gasket made of a suitable material. Mostly, there are three types of gaskets. For starters, there are gaskets made of metal, non-metal, and those that are made of composite materials. Non-metallic gaskets are mainly made from materials like rubber, Teflon and non-asbestos fiber. They are also referred to as soft gaskets because of their non-metallic nature, and how easily they can be compressed. Moreover, they are also the cheapest type of gaskets, and they are readily available.

Metallic gaskets are mainly made from stainless steel and soft iron. Ideally, they take the shape of a ring. Unlike non-metallic gaskets, they have an exceptional ability to withstand high temperatures. We at Alfa Romeo of Minneapolis prefer using the metallic gaskets for high-temperature environments. Our team at St. Louis Park also suggest that composite gaskets can be used for groove flanges. Primarily, composite gaskets are made of both metals and non-metals.


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