Take The Strain Out Of Winter Driving With These Winter Car Care Tips

December 27th, 2020 by

Winter puts a strain on your car. To help prevent damage that can occur and keep your car running its best, consider using the following tips while getting your vehicle ready for when the temperature begins to plummet.

During cold weather motor oil can thicken and make it hard for your vehicles engine to turn over. To find out what the manufacturer recommends, read your owner’s manual, or stop by Alfa Romeo of Minneapolis for professional help. Our technicians are well trained on various makes and models of vehicles and know what they are doing.

While your car is in our shop, it would be wise to also have them take a look at your heater hoses and radiator. Hoses should be pliable and firm to the touch not soft or brittle. Leaks from cracks in the hoses or if they have oil or grease on them is a signal that they are getting ready to fail.


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