How Important Are Winter Tires?

October 22nd, 2020 by

When the temperature starts to cool, we usually field questions about winter tires at Alfa Romeo of Minneapolis. We're often asked if all-season tires are good enough for St. Louis Park winter driving. In short, they're not. We urge you to think of winter tires as standard winter equipment.

During the segment of the year when the average temperature is above 45, all-season tires are optimal. Once the thermometer drops, the rubber on all-season tires hardens, which significantly diminishes their traction capacity. Meanwhile, winter tires can stop a vehicle in 40% less distance in cold temperatures.

That stopping power comes from superior traction. Manufacturers use rubber compounds that remain sticky during cold weather in their winter tires. Such a characteristic is handy when you encounter black ice. To enhance grip, they'll also include unexpected components. One maker employs orange-peel oil in their sticky ice tire. Another uses ground walnut shells for added bite. Silica and diamond dust have been deployed by other brands. Clearly, winter tires are interesting and essential.


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