Here's What to do During a Roadside Emergency

May 25th, 2021 by

It doesn't matter how new a vehicle is or how well it's running, vehicle owners should be prepared for roadside emergencies in Louis Park. At Alfa Romeo of Minneapolis, our team cares about your safety, so here are a few helpful tips to follow if you're involved in a roadside emergency.

Common roadside emergencies include a flat tire, an empty fuel tank, battery failure, or locking your keys in your vehicle. Getting your vehicle to a safe spot is very important. If you can't make it off the highway, then take extra caution when you have to pull over on the shoulder.

Carrying a roadside emergency kit with flashlights, flares, jumper cables, bottled water, blankets, and batteries will is beneficial. Once you call for help, stay close to your vehicle. Although it may be tempting to walk up the road to get help, waiting by your vehicle ensures that you're ready when help arrives.


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