Is Brake Fluid Necessary?

Brake fluid, also referred to as hydraulic fluid, helps keep the moving components of your car's brake system functioning properly. Brake fluid is necessary for your car to stop when you push your brakes.

When your brake fluid is low, the amount of braking power your car has decreases. Other factors that can negatively impact the performance of your brakes are moisture and improper flow of fluid. As time progresses, brake fluid loses its effectiveness and needs to be changed. When this fluid absorbs moisture, the hydraulic system can corrode and make your brakes less effective.

To check your braking fluid, lift the hood of your vehicle and look for a translucent reservoir made from plastic. You can determine the fluid level without removing the plastic cap on top of this container. The cap should only be removed when you are getting ready to change the brake fluid to avoid air and moisture from contaminating the braking liquid.

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