Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter with These Tips

We like to give St. Louis Park, MN drivers information that will help them keep their vehicles in good shape. Proper car care will keep your vehicle in good condition as long as possible. It's important that you keep your vehicle maintained during the winter, and we can help at Alfa Romeo of Minneapolis with these tips.

Inspect your lights and bulbs, and clean the grime off the lenses periodically. If your headlights are yellow or cloudy, clean them with a headlight restoration kit or have them replaced. It's also necessary to have your battery checked before winter because colder temperatures make your battery work harder.

Check your vehicle's tire pressure about once a month during the winter. If your tire pressure is low, it will make your engine work harder. If your tread depth is shallow, then have your tires replaced to optimize traction. Winter tires give you added grip and still perform well on open roads.

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